About us

We were founded by the inspiration to be leaders in the constantly evolving kitchen, bathroom, and storage industry. Specializing in all aspects from countertops, faucets to cabinetry, installation, and much more.

MACUCINA is a complete service team, from design to delivery, installation, and everything in between.

Our custom kitchens, bathrooms, and storage solutions are built from your dream and always carefully planning and executing in partnership with our clients, offering almost endless solutions to meet all budgets, sizes, and styles.

With decades of experience and 15 years of the MACUCINA team delivering excellence with every project, we have become synonymous with creative thinking and are known to leave our clients in disbelief; that from an idea, their dream kitchen, bathroom, or storage, is even more beautiful and practical than they could have even imagined.

Our process starts with spending some time in our elaborate showroom, seeing, feeling, and working with our experts to determine the style, whether it be contemporary, modern, or classic, we have something for every taste and budget.

The next step, we work together on the visualization of your project.  Our designers use interactive 3D software from the measurements of your kitchen and build a precise model of your space. We will walk you through how the different types of colours, materials, and shapes will look and feel in your home.

At MACUCINA every project is custom-built, and every Family is unique, as well as every home should be.

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Stephane Mackarous

Membre de l'équipe fondateur de macucina STÉPHANE MACKAROUS


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