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The modern kitchen is distinguished by its need to be functional and minimalist. Sleek and ergonomic, the modern kitchen is characterized by simple lines highlighted by abundant lighting. A mix of materials is chosen, such as glossy cabinets and stainless steel accents. Unlike the classic kitchen, which uses curved lines and numerous details, the modern kitchen is characterized by beauty and simplicity.


The modern kitchen has stood the test of time because it respects a carefully thought-out minimalist aesthetic. It’s a perfect balance between functionality and form.

Offering the impression of grandeur, the modern kitchen, like classic and contemporary kitchens, prioritizes ergonomics and durability through the choice of materials and appliances.


For this type of kitchen, our designers prefer simple materials that make a big impact. For example, flat doors, without moldings, with a gloss or matte finish. Similar to contemporary kitchens, modern kitchens sometimes feature a mix of materials. There are also touches of sober color to create a warm, luminous contrast.

The latest trends in materials, especially for cabinet doors, are:
Wood, polymer, European laminate and acrylic. Polymer, which reflects technological innovation and is made of a resistant plastic, is preferred.

Our kitchen designers recommend quality materials that are easy to maintain. We always opt for materials that are solid, durable and even some that are scratch-resistant.


When it comes to colors for a modern kitchen, these are the colors of choice: white, black or gray. Monochrome palettes characterize modern kitchens. It’s common to see all-white modern kitchens. You can also add touches of black or dark gray for a more refined, elegant look. Increasingly, we’re seeing all-black kitchens in this style! Black is the new white.

Depending on the size of the space, our kitchen designers can recommend wood accents or elements to personalize your kitchen. It’s all about subtlety.


All kitchens must now meet the criteria of functionality. This convivial space must be practical. Depending on the size of the space, the modern kitchen is designed to avoid wasted space and all furniture is made to measure, like all MACUCINA kitchens.

Several mechanisms are put in place to make use of space that would normally be lost, such as hard-to-reach corners. Depending on your space, our team will design a bespoke kitchen to ensure optimization, ergonomics and durability.


The lighting of a modern kitchen is fundamental. Since we want to continue with a minimalist aesthetic, we’ll be installing recessed LED lights to give this modern style. In addition, the lights will be strategically placed at various points in the kitchen to embellish the space, brighten up work surfaces and illuminate the inside of cabinets. Aesthetics are important, but so is ergonomics.

If recessed lighting doesn’t meet your aesthetic requirements, we suggest you opt for modern pendant fixtures.


Modern kitchens use very thin countertops. Classic kitchen countertops are generally 1 ¼” thick, while modern kitchen countertops are ½” thick. Ultra-thin, ultra-compact surfaces pair perfectly with the aesthetics of modern kitchens, as they join the clean, linear look of this style.

The countertops of a modern kitchen won’t be cluttered with small appliances like coffee makers or toasters. These will find refuge in a cupboard, an enclosed niche or even a breakfast nook isolated from the rest, space permitting. Simplicity should even extend to details such as handles, which should blend in with the rest of the kitchen.


In a modern kitchen, minimalist aesthetics are combined with organization. When thinking about modern kitchen cabinetry, you need to opt for straight, clean lines. You want a design with fine lines and cabinets all the way up to the ceiling to maintain visual symmetry.

Opt for state-of-the-art, built-in appliances. In this way, you’ll achieve the goal of modernity with a touch of high functionality.


It’s all in the details! Even with its minimalist appearance, the modern kitchen is a space for sharing, where every nook and cranny has a function. It’s a multi-functional kitchen that can be adapted to suit any size, to maximize comfort and utility.


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