What differentiates MACUCINA from some of its competitors is its expertise in offering you a practical, functional and intelligent customized kitchen that truly reflects your personality, thanks to an infinite choice of colors and materials.



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When renovating a kitchen, you have two options for your kitchen cabinets: prefabricated or custom kitchen cabinets. Let’s review and understand the differences.


Creating custom kitchen cabinets starts with the inspiration of making your dreams come true. The choice is yours, contemporary, classic, or modern, realizing your vision, from colour, materials, shape, hardware, and more. As for prefabricated cabinets, although they have evolved in recent years, the options remain quite limited.


Every home and kitchen is unique: a made-to-measure kitchen cabinet, from the smallest to the largest, can be fully customized, while prefabricated kitchen cabinets are designed based on average and standard sizes, which greatly limits your creativity and forces you to fit a predetermined model and style.

Creative customization is the design and installation of a kitchen with unique dimensions and one-of-a-kind layouts, with many options of design shapes(ex: L or U), which requires experience and expertise to maximize your space and bring your dream kitchen into your home. The limitations of prefabricated cabinets require alterations, spacers, and underutilized space forces them to conform to the available area. Custom kitchen cabinets are specifically designed to capitalize on every inch available.

Our Kitchen designers in Laval, to help you on your journey from concept to final installation.

With the evolution of materials, modern manufacturers are using an ultra-compact surface material and they are now manufacturing countertops at ½” and ¾”, the cabinets need to be modified and raised to meet the standard 36” kitchen counter height. Just another example of the challenges of using prefabricated cabinets that don’t meet current standards.


When using Prefabricated cabinets the after-sales service is usually quite frustrating, as these generic kitchens are built and transported great distances, and frequently there are chips and other manufacturing defects. Once these issues are discovered by your installer, contacting the manufacturer for a replacement is not only difficult but creates delays in the completion of your project and unexpected costs related.

With the custom kitchen cabinets at MACUCINA, our complete service is from start to finish, and dealing with any issue that may arise will be handled with no inconvenience or costs to you, delivering excellence is the least we can do.


Functionality starts with the foundation of 2 key elements: Expert planning and the right choice of cabinetry.

From there, our Kitchen designers create a plan for the five ergonomic zones, this ensures that every inch of the space is designed for your comfort, convenience, and functionality.


The washing area should ideally include three unique sections: the sink unit in the center, and the dishwasher on one side with the garbage and recycling within reach, on the other.

The cooking area should be planned around the stove. A cabinet with convenient storage for spices, drawers for pots and pans, baking trays, as well as a drawer for cooking utensils all within reach of the chef. The flow of your kitchen and cooking experience is the foundation.

Food storage area, the fridge is at the center of the food storage area, within reach of the pantry. Having easy access to these areas with minimum movement is our goal.

Food preparation area The most significant part of the kitchen counter is where the majority of preparation will be done, cabinets containing cutting boards, measuring cups, knives, and other preparation tools should be within arms reach.

Tableware storage area, ideally we are looking for tableware and utensils to be placed in cupboards and drawers strategically placed in proximity to the dishwasher.

The more functional the kitchen, the less movement is required for placing the clean dishes in their appropriate cupboards and drawers.

For more information about these five zones and how you can design your kitchen layout, please review the following:  “Kitchen Renovation — The 5 Essential Zones for Successful Planning”


Currently, there are many options when it comes to building custom kitchen cabinets.

Here are some examples of the materials being used:

  • Melamine
  • Lacquered MDF
  • Solid wood and wood veneer
  • Types of polymers (thermoplastic, polyethylene [PET], polyester, acrylic)
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Material plays an important role in the final price of your kitchen. Depending on the materials you choose, the cost of your kitchen can vary substantially, it all starts with your budget and material choices. A beautiful kitchen can be designed using less expensive alternatives, like melamine, if you find wood and lacquered MDF too expensive. There are amazing styles and quality available to meet all price points.

The following is a quick overview of some of the available options.


Excellent quality at an affordable price 

Melamine kitchen cabinets have evolved over the years, today they are synonymous with durability, style, and great value.

With modern innovations, they have created a finished product that has the look and feel of any material type; such as wood with textured, glossy, and matt finishes.

Our Melamine suppliers offer a wide range of options to meet any price point, the best choice for renovating on a tight budget.

With hundreds of options available, book your kitchen designer in Laval today.


MDF lacquer offers the widest selection of colours, over any other kitchen cabinet material.

The advantage of MDF lacquer having almost unlimited choices of colours, available from most of the leading paint companies, Benjamin Moore, Sico amongst many others, allows true flexibility for your project. The choices of solid colours are almost infinite and as well as having the option(for an additional fee) to create your custom colour selection makes MDF lacquer cabinets a great selection to personalize your home. Our Kitchen Designers at MACUCINA will walk you through the process of choosing your colours and arrange to have the unique lacquer colour applied to your custom kitchen cabinets.

Lacquer historically is known to be a glossy finish, contrary to popular belief, today the finishes are available from matte right through high gloss and all finishes in between.

Italian lacquered cabinets are high gloss (90-100%), High gloss Italian cabinets are normally straight doors; shaker and molded doors are only available in satin and matte finishes.


One of the strongest and most durable materials on the market

Custom kitchen cabinets made of polymer (thermoplastic, polyethylene, polyester, and acrylic) are among the strongest and most durable on the market, with thermoplastic being the least heat resistant. Laminated with synthetic film usually made from MDF or particleboard, polymer cabinets are made from a plastic derivative that is highly resistant to scratches, abrasions, and physical wear. These types of cabinets are available in classic, contemporary, or modern styles depending on your taste. Polymer cabinetry has been designed for high-traffic kitchens, big Families, and rental properties. These kitchens are built to last and are reasonably priced.

Depending on the type of Polymer material chosen, the colour selections vary.

  • Acrylic: Approximately 15 colours are currently available.
  • Polyethylene: Approximately 20 colours are currently available.
  • Thermoplastic: Approximately 100 colours are currently available.
  • Polyester: there are several hundred colours currently available.


Elegance never goes out of style

Solid wood kitchen cabinets are unique in their warmth and traditional feel. Although wooden cabinets are highly resistant, they are not as durable as some of the other materials available such as polyester, polyethylene, and acrylic. The wood can be sanded and stained which is not an option when using other materials. Over time, 20 to 25 years, refinishing, sanding, and restaining could be required. Natural nicks and cracks occur as the wood ages. The classic look and feel of wooden kitchen cabinetry can be imitated but never duplicated.

Wood can be a natural finish, stained, or painted, the options are almost unlimited, we have fifteen standard options and hundreds of different custom colours that can be created for you. The choice of your cabinet material and colours should be made simultaneously, to ensure that the style and colour you desire are available in the material you’ve chosen for your new kitchen.


At MACUCINA we do not offer these services, our kitchen designers in Laval have determined with years of experience that the net gain for our clients is usually not worth the trouble for a short-term solution. The kitchen industry is constantly evolving and functionality and ergonomics are playing a greater role than ever. If your kitchen is getting older and you’re ready for a change, we strongly suggest custom kitchen cabinets, applying modern ergonomics, to make every moment you spend in your kitchen, worth cherishing.


The choice of your cabinet material and colours should be made simultaneously, to ensure that the style and colour you desire are available in the material you’ve chosen for your new kitchen.


MDF: offers an almost unlimited choice of colours, available from most of the leading paint companies, Benjamin Moore, Sico amongst many others, allowing true flexibility for your project.

Wood: available in a natural finish, stained or painted, the options are almost unlimited, with approximately fifteen standard options and hundreds of different custom colours that can be created for you.

Melamine:  approximately 200-300 colours available.

Acrylic: approximately 15 colours are currently available.

Polyethylene: approximately 20 colours are currently available.

Thermoplastic: approximately 100 colours are currently available.

Polyester: there are several hundred colours currently available.

For more information, please book your design expert at MACUCINA today!

Wood and MDF lacquer cabinets offer the widest selections of colours and finishes, to satisfy even the most discerning taste. If you are leaning towards more classic or conservative, the material choice is of less importance as basic colours and styles are available in white, gray, and black to name but a few.

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Every project, client, and home is unique and the process can vary, the following are the steps to bring your dream kitchen to reality.

1. Meeting our specialist – visiting our showroom and meeting with one of our talented kitchen designers in Laval is the beginning of your journey.

Prior to your visit please measure your kitchen: measure the overall length of each wall, working your way from left to right. Measure the horizontal height of the walls at 36”. Locate your center, and indicate the centerline of all permanent features, including range, windows, doors, and closets. When measuring your doors and windows including the trim, measure from one side to the other of the door or window trim, then measure from the outside trim to the center of the window or door.

Alternatively, If taking your own measurements seems overwhelming, we can send a kitchen designer to take measurements and discuss preliminary design aspects and review some ideas you may have about your vision and requirements. Please contact our design experts for more details.

2. Understanding your vision – You will be asked to review ideas of finished kitchens online (Houzz/Pinterest/) or in magazines, before visiting our showroom. Our specialist will ask the pertinent questions to determine your style whether it be a classic, contemporary, or modern kitchen. Once we’ve understood your vision and have all the necessary information, we will review styles, materials, colours, configuration, hardware, backsplashes, floors, ventilation, lighting, plumbing, sinks, options of handles and accessories, etc.

Taking all these details into consideration, now it’s on to the design stage.

3. 3D rendering – It’s time to create the visualization of your new kitchen.

Our design expert will spend the next few days using our interactive 3D software to create a precise model of your space integrating all of your inspiring ideas and requirements and creating a complete rendition of how they will look and feel in your home.

4. Bringing your vision to life – You will be invited back to our showroom to fully experience your new kitchen in 3D, our specialist will review every aspect of your project and answer all your questions and review our quote.

Final touches, details, and any adjustments will be made together at that time.

Once you have given the final approval of our quote and design concept, you will be asked for a deposit and we will begin our building process. We will send our project manager to take final measurements to ensure that everything is perfect before starting the manufacturing of your cabinets.

5. Starting the build – once the technical drawings are finalized, normally the delay to manufacture your new cabinets is approximately six to twelve weeks(depending on material selections) from final approval.

The demolition would begin three weeks before the delivery of your new kitchen, our project manager will visit your home three to four days prior to the installation to review that the renovation was properly executed to ensure that there are no complications with the installation of your new kitchen.

We aim to minimize the inconvenience that renovations can cause your Family and install your final kitchen within the pre-agreed-upon timelines.

6. Cabinet Installation – once the kitchen cabinets are delivered to your home, our custom kitchen installer will begin the installation process, this can take up to four days depending on the size of the project.

7. Countertop Installation – We usually install temporary countertops and install your appliances, so your kitchen is fully functional as your custom countertops are being built. Once the cabinets are installed and final measurements are taken, the custom countertops are usually delivered and installed within 2 to 3 weeks.

8. The Finishing Touch – Once the countertops are installed, the final touches; backsplash, plumbing, and final details are usually completed within a couple of days by the contractor.

9. Time to cook – Invite your friends and Family over to enjoy the beauty of your new custom kitchen.


YES! MACUCINA has partnerships with some of the foremost and reputable kitchen construction specialists in the province; electricians, plumbers, painters, carpenters as well as niche product installers, MACUCINA is your complete solution.

Our professional partners are all certified and hold RBQ licenses, we work exclusively with 3rd party contractors who also specialize in the products we offer. The highest industry standard is the least we expect from our team as well as our partners.

Our kitchen designers in Laval are the complete solution to manage your project from start to finish.

If you are currently working with a designer or/and contractor, MACUCINA will be happy to consult with them to ensure the delivery and installation of the project meets your expectations.


Our kitchen designers in Laval will oversee and are involved in your project from conception to the final product.

The kitchen experts at MACUCINA are there with you every step of the way, acting on your behalf as the project manager, they can be as involved as you need them to be, as well as coordinating with your personal decorator. Managing communication between all parties from manufacturers, contractors, installers, tradespeople, and everything in between. They are there to coordinate all aspects and handle any issues that may arise at every stage of the project from the installation of the cabinets, light fixtures, floors, backsplash, sink as well as plumbing, etc.

At MACUCINA’S our experienced kitchen designers work for you.


Whether it’s kitchen cabinets, counters, backsplashes, sinks, or other products, the warranty varies from one supplier to another. MACUCINA will provide information in detail about the warranties for each of the individual elements within your project.

Kitchen cabinets, Hinges & drawer rails  – The manufacturing warranty we offer is 25 years.

Cabinet Doors – The manufacturing warranty we offer is 5 years

Installation & manufacturing defects – The manufacturing warranty we offer is 1 year.
Please contact us immediately and we will resolve the issue professionally and effectively.

Accessories, counters, plumbing, and other products – for most of the other products, including those MACUCINA customizes, we often offer a one-year warranty for parts and labor. When you purchase a kitchen, MACUCINA provides a guide with our general policy and warranty information. If you require more information about the warranty on any specific product, your kitchen designer will be happy to answer all your questions.