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What is a contemporary Kitchen?

The term “contemporary kitchen” refers to current designs and trends.

Current styles in the kitchen industry have evolved and are considerably different from ten years ago and will substantially change in the next ten years. The leaders in setting trends for the North American & global market are European designers, primarily Italian creative artists.

If contemporary kitchens are highly functional with clean and sharp lines, creativity lies in using traditional touches to bring out warmth and elegance to your modern design.

Designing contemporary kitchen cabinets

A contemporary kitchen must be designed with very sharp and clean lines. Angles and curves are never used, very similar to the type of geometrical configuration of a modern kitchen.

The materials

When we are designing a contemporary kitchen, our designers will propose the use of several different materials.

It’s very popular to use repurposed-looking wood with knots and imperfections, as it gives the kitchen a very natural outdoorsy feel that is unique to this modern style.

In addition, wood is often used on the ceiling, actually many kitchen designers will suggest using hemlock wood beams, which elevate the warmth and feel of your living space.

The Colours

White is still a very popular colour selection in the contemporary kitchen market, but recent trends are leaning towards slightly darker tones like charcoal grey, beige, and even black, which some are touting will be the new “white” in the years to come.

Some designers are now even incorporating dark blue which gives the kitchen a very chic and prestigious look. Contrasting colours are the building blocks for a contemporary kitchen, using dark colours against bright and paler tones creates a sharpness that delivers a unique and modern look.

Glossy finishes can be used, but designers tend to default to matt finishes, in today’s current trends.

The Functionality

Contemporary kitchens often are designed with horizontal cabinet doors as opposed to vertical two-door cabinets. It’s simply a question of looks.

With the help of our kitchen designers, every inch of your kitchen will be exploited to ensure that your counters are clear to create culinary magic.

The most talented contemporary kitchen designers will find areas for decorative niches. For example in unused spaces between cabinets or an unutilized wall,

These niches will allow you to add decorations, to personalize the final touch, in your new contemporary kitchen.

The lighting

The lighting in a contemporary kitchen is practically installed in every available area, under and inside the cabinets, above the counters, in the decorative spaces as well as under the toe kick. These kitchens need to be radiant even in the dark evenings of our long winter. Well-lit kitchens also create highly functional working areas.

The counters

If the trends were once; one and quarter inch countertops, the modernization of contemporary kitchens has evolved to a much thinner top, now using primarily a half inch.

Created from the fusion of natural stone, these ultra-compact counters have become the choice of builders worldwide. They are naturally beautiful, practically indestructible, resistant to scratches, heat, and stains, as well as antibacterial. With all these unique characteristics, they are slightly more expensive than some quartz countertops available on the market.

If you’re looking for a more budget-conscious material, you can always choose Corian which can be custom moulded to your sink. Please note that this material is not scratch or heat-resistant, but it is stain resistant, which is the principal reason for its lower cost. It is worth mentioning that Corian can be sanded quite easily to remove scratches if needed.

Another viable option for the budget-conscious contemporary kitchen design is counters made from quartz. This material is not heat resistant, but rarely scratches and does not stain easily. The most significant advantage is that quartz countertops have unlimited colour options and can meet every budget.

Contemporary kitchen cabinets

Wood remains the most popular choice of material for this style of kitchen, oak is making a huge comeback. We are also seeing polymer cabinets being used in the contemporary market. Recently designers are using darker tones such as black and grey in current contemporary styles.

The cabinet doors remain very minimalistic, meaning that we generally don’t incorporate moulding or special finishes, simple doors to stay true to the contemporary style. The handles and accessories are also very straightforward, historically silver has been the leader in these styles of kitchen, but lately black and gold are starting to be a popular choice for many modern designers.

Kitchens, your children, and Your Family Pet

Kitchen design has considered your children(from safety to durability), and now kitchens are including your Family’s pets. We can design a small dog/cat bed into the design of your kitchen as well as an integrated feeding area, instead of having their bowls on the floor.

Some examples of our most creative contemporary kitchens.

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