Classic kitchens never go out of style. When you choose a classic kitchen, the charm, and elegance will stand the test of time.

What defines a classic kitchen?

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What is a classic kitchen?

In the constantly evolving kitchen industry, classic kitchens are being built using a conventional style with modern accents, while still keeping their traditional warmth and feel.

The functionality and style cues of modern kitchens are constantly improving, integrating some of these features and still keeping the classic style is the mark of creative and talented designers.

If you are planning a renovation to sell your home, a classic kitchen design is your best option. As the name suggests, these kitchens are neutral and conservative and appeal to the mass market. It’s almost a sure bet that the new homeowners will love the style of their classic kitchen.

To have a better understanding of a modern classic kitchen, let’s review the seven principal characteristics unique to these types of kitchens.

The design

Throughout time there is one consistent element of a classic kitchen, the smooth curves, and detailed accent lines. These kitchens have rounded edges, unlike the sharply defined lines in other styles of kitchens.

The materials

As new styles develop and manufacturers are constantly bringing new materials to the market, classic kitchens have also experienced a major shift, historically these kitchens were primarily wood, today the industry has evolved to using mostly lacquered MDF and polyester in the construction of classic kitchens.

The use of glass is also very popular amongst classic kitchen designers, as it gives a touch of elegance and distinguishes it from modern and contemporary styles of kitchens.

The colours

When you imagine a classic kitchen, the colours are usually white, cream, or gray. The colour selection is simple and conservative, yet classy. The creativity is in the elegant design and not necessarily the colour choices. The primary goal for the look and feel of a classic kitchen is bright, polished, and elegant.

In the evolving kitchen industry, we have recently seen the colour black integrated into the classic kitchen style, primarily for countertops and other accent materials. A modern classic kitchen no longer needs to be completely white, black being used as a contrast colour is becoming a popular choice, amongst classic kitchen designers.

The functionality

Every kitchen must be highly functional irrelevant of style, whether you’re renovating or updating your kitchen, functionality is essential. With decades of experience, the kitchen specialists at MACUCINA in Laval are experts at maximizing space and guiding you in this essential aspect of planning your new kitchen.

Our kitchen designers will exploit every inch of space available to design a highly functional kitchen, custom-made for each client’s unique vision and taste.

Classic kitchen cabinets

As mentioned above, the majority of classic kitchens are now being built using lacquered MDF and polyester. The market is now offering 5-panel doors: four sides plus a center panel. We’re moving away from modern styles that don’t have any specific design lines. Classic kitchens on the other hand are being designed with shaker-style cabinet doors. The dimensions and amount of detail of the moldings on these doors can vary from one kitchen to another.

We had also spoken about the use of glass being very popular in the design of classic kitchens. Glass is often used on the doors of the wall cabinets, as well as the upper shelves, this allows the light to shine through to the bottom of the cabinet. This style gives an airy feel as well as makes small spaces feel larger, glass is a very elegant and prestigious addition to a classic kitchen.

To add even more style, we create mullion cabinet doors by creating unique designs such as fish or small crosses out of MDF and superimpose them on the glass. As a final touch, some kitchen designers will propose decorative moldings at the bottom of the wall cabinets, which adds delicate warmth and elegance to classic kitchens.


The materials being used for classic kitchen countertops are still quartz and granite. Irrelevant of taste, either one of these materials is extremely high quality and very classy. As opposed to other types or styles of kitchens, we recommend only using 1 ¼” countertops. Using thinner countertops is exclusive to modern and contemporary styles. To preserve the classic kitchen look and feel we can round the edges of the countertop which also is a safety precaution when young children are in the kitchen.

Hardware, range hoods, backsplashes, and accessories

The finishing details of your kitchen are crucial. These finer details will make your classic kitchen stand out. Kitchen hardware is like jewelry, a beautiful bracelet, necklace or accessory can be the perfect compliment to your evening gown, and handles and accessories can complete the stunning look of your classic kitchen.

Whether you’re choosing a classic, contemporary, or modern style, today the options are no longer limited, our kitchen designers in Laval will propose styles and colors from black and silver to the ever more popular gold handles and accessories, to complete the unique look of your custom kitchen.

Range hoods are no longer just practical, they have become an important part of the overall design, using cabinet makers we will custom design panels to build your range hood into your upper cabinets to create a uniform and elegant finish.

Backsplashes have a wide array of styles and colors, however, subway-tile motifs are very popular, to achieve this effect, we lay the ceramic tiles like bricks. Classic kitchens tend to have Ogee edge ornamental moldings, this type of detail truly adds to the class and elegance of the design.

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