The latest trends at Milan’s Salon del Mobile

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Milan’s Salon del Mobile, a must-see event for design and innovation enthusiasts, is much more than just an exhibition of furniture and interior design. This unique event is a laboratory of ideas where the latest trends and boldest innovations are unveiled to the general public. And among the most dynamic sectors at this prestigious event, the kitchen occupies a prime spot. Let yourself be seduced by the most striking trends that our team spotted at the 2024 edition last April.


Geometry proved to be a driving force behind the most captivating trends in kitchen design:

  • Curves were omnipresent, bringing a distinct fluidity and elegance to culinary spaces. These rounded lines were particularly evident on the work island.
  • Grooves were featured in all their forms, in both glass and wood. Thin, wide or rounded, they added an interesting tactile and visual dimension to door fronts and decorative walls.
  • Bevelled details made a big impression, whether for handle profiles or door fronts following the line of the countertop, reinforcing the sophisticated, uncluttered look of the designs presented.
  • Traditional handles were more often than not replaced by more discreet solutions such as finger grips notched into the depth of the door or curved mouldings on the side panels. This absence of handles has contributed to a minimalist aesthetic that emphasizes the purity of lines.


The choice of finishes revealed an infinite range of possibilities, allowing a diversity of styles and personalities to be expressed in contemporary kitchens:

  • The most surprising doors were clad with matte or textured glass surfaces evoking textile fibers.
  • Glass, while present, was often smoked or bronzed, moving us away from the more traditional use of clear glass.
  • Dark kitchens continued to dominate, with deep tones such as chocolate, charcoal and black, often embellished with textures or wood grains for a warm, luxurious ambience.
  • In contrast, pale kitchens came in shades of sand and beige, offering a light, airy atmosphere in contrast to the opulence of dark hues.
  • Bright colors also made their appearance, bringing a touch of energy and dynamism to kitchens. Pink, in particular, was used boldly on countertops with veining, front doors and accessories such as crockery and furniture.


Functionality trends have reached new heights, offering ingenious solutions to maximize efficiency and comfort:

  • Small backsplash cabinets, characterized by their slimness and sliding glass doors, proved a clever approach to storing small everyday items. These slim cabinets made small items such as espresso cups, spices and small decorations easily accessible.
  • The kitchen islands were transformed into havens of functionality, with several decorative niches integrated into the middle of the cabinet panels. These niches could be used as extra space to store cooking utensils, recipe books or even decorative elements, while adding an interesting visual dimension to the kitchen as a whole.
  • Very thin wall shelves, either suspended or fitted with a delicate rail system, were another notable feature aimed at optimizing the use of space in the kitchen. These shelves were mainly used to display decorative objects or cooking utensils, adding a unique charm to the space.
  • Finally, innovative solutions such as mobile systems on castors, or counter extensions integrated into the island itself, made it possible to add extra workspace as required. These sliding extensions could be discreetly reinserted when not in use, offering an ideal compromise between functionality and aesthetics in modern kitchen design.

All in all, Milan’s Salon del Mobile once again proved its status as a global benchmark for innovation and creativity, offering us an inspiring vision of what tomorrow’s kitchen could be: a space where design and functionality meet to create environments that are both practical, aesthetically pleasing and conducive to modern daily life.

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