If modern innovations, original design, and the warm feeling of wood is your style, then a trendy kitchen is right up your alley.

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The defining difference of a trendy kitchen design is the polar opposite of a traditional classic kitchen. This style emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, following the industrial revolution, trendy kitchens are recognized by their sharp lines and clean edges, simplicity while using every inch of the available space to create a highly functional and ergonomic design.


Unlike Classic kitchens which have rounded edges and detailed curved designs, trendy styles tend to focus on their simple and minimalistic beauty. The countertops need to be clear of the typical clutter, coffee machines, and toasters are given a permanent space in a breakfast nook or cabinet, to respect the clean and sharp look of the trendy design. Right down to the smallest details, even the door handles must be simple and neat to complete the overall look of a trendy kitchen.


Geometrical symmetry is what gives a trendy kitchen its harmony, every line, and edge must be perfectly balanced. Experienced kitchen designers understand that the slightest deviation can cause the kitchen to lose the desired geometrical balance of its trendy style.


Trendy kitchens are designed to be open to the main living area of the house. The days are gone when the host disappears into the kitchen to prepare food for their guests, while everyone else is waiting in the living room to be called to the table.

trendy-designed kitchens and islands are a place where Family and friends can gather while the food is being prepared. The investment in a new kitchen is almost always recouped in the sale of a house, especially when they are a central feature of the main living space.


Many types of materials can be used in the construction of trendy kitchens. For example, Metal, stainless steel, glass, and acrylic. Combined with sharp cabinets with clean edges, these materials can help achieve the unique look of a trendy kitchen. To attain a simple harmonious balanced look and feel, the use of these materials requires skill and experience.


When we think of trendy, technology certainly comes to mind. This type of kitchen is designed to integrate push-to-open electric drawers and doors, LED lighting, an intelligent fridge, a silent running dishwasher, an induction stovetop, and we can even add an entertainment system or television.

Kitchens, your children, and Your Family Pet

Kitchen design has considered your children(from safety to durability), and now kitchens are including your Family’s pets. We can design a small dog/cat bed into the design of your kitchen as well as an integrated feeding area, instead of having their bowls on the floor.

If you’re dreaming of a trendy kitchen, we would be happy to hear from you. Let the team at MACUCINA inspire your creativity.

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